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Originally posted by armsys
Hi quant,
I'm shocked and saddened that only you and I praise UR's enormous contribution to our productivity. It may reflect very few users out there appreciate UR.
Hey, I'm hurt!

Though many (most?!?) of my posts here are questions or requests for advice (that probably seem pretty stupid to most long-time UR users!), I have posted a number of times praising or thanking either Kinook or the experienced users here who inevitably help and/or advise me.

Though I am certain that I don't use URP to its fullest and powerful extent - only due to my lack of knowledge as to how to use it for some things yet - Ultra Recall is the primary piece of software that I use on my computer. I learn (primarily by just doing) more and more how I can use Ultra Recall just about every single day.

Thank you again Kinook and all here in the forum - particularly quant, Ken (ashwken), and $Bill who help guide me through my ever increasing usage of URp!

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