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Originally posted by ashwken
For the following folder structure:

\UR Data\Content_Folder\file-1.doc
\UR Data\Content_Folder\file-2.doc

file-1.doc is Stored Item
file-2.doc is Linked Item

Do a UR Export (to xml) against a branch that contains the above Stored-Linked Items, the path for this export is:

\UR Data\Export_Folder

this export will create this structure:

\UR Data\Export_Folder\export_StoredContent\file-1.doc

Run the Transform vbs from and the resulting toc.html will contain a linked reference to each Item (file-1.doc and file-2.doc), but the html link to file-2.doc is dead.

In order to activate the link for file-2.doc I must edit the toc.html and add "../" to the beginning of the referenced path for file-2.doc.

If is used to create distributable output (index.html, toc.html, and subfolders for icons and stored content), then it would seem that Linked Content would need to be handled in the same manner as Stored Content.
As long as the exported XML file is created in the same path as the .urd file, the URL for a linked document item with a relative path will be valid in the exported XML/HTML.
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