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Originally posted by ashwken
[snip] I'm even more convinced that the process available in will be of benefit to you (if the problem with Linked Content can be resloved).
OK, well in that case I'll try to stay positive about the process & hope it will resolve itself into some form that duffers like me can understand.

BTW, I tried the 'viewer' process & realize that for my use, it's really an imposition on the person I'm sending info to, to ask them to install a new program & to see information in a form they are not used to seeing . So that makes 2 reasons to hope the 'export2' scenario works out.....and soon.

I went back & tried export2, think I followed the directions & the result was a browser window split in 2 - left for TOC, right for data. However, the most clicking on link in left frame did was to open the linked data in word, i.e. externally. The only data displayed in the right were ico graphics.

Is the what you meant by the 'linked content' issue?

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