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Originally posted by ashwken
Actually, I think that the process available in offers a good begining and affords some flexibility when combined with Saved Exports and multiple export folders.

Distributing with the viewer may afford the best presentation, but I haven't worked with it yet. In fact, I was only drawn into the output process by these discussions, I haven't needed this aspect of the program yet.
Ken I hope you don't think I was complaining about your help, nor Kyle's either. It's just that I'm one of those guys who's been using computers since before Apple II days but as a user, not a techie, not a programmer, etc. My loss but I never had time.

So -- in this particular case -- I find myself in a situation where there may be an answer for what I need to do but don't have the savy to noodle thru it. I'm just not comfortable enough, don't know enough and, frankly believe, I should have to. Having said that I'm not against trying.

To put this in context I started a non-commercially supported website many years ago -- as an internet exercise -- which has grown into hundreds of pages of information on the Bouvier des Flandres breed of dog. And fortunately or un-fortunately it has become the focus of inquiries from all over the world at the rate of +/- 100,000 hits monthly. On a commercial level that may not be a lot but for a one man band who just does it for the love of the breed, it is a lot.

And people write me directly to ask about this health issue or some training technique etc & I gather information that I have archived on my system to give them a compiltion of articles, emails, links etc on the subject I feel it has become my responsibility to do this.

So I think from this you can see how important distributing information is for me.

Added to that is keeping me on track for the other parts of my life which is why I am so interested in an all-in-one solution.

Anyway, sorry to go on about a personal OT situation but I hope this puts some of my comments, questions, suggestions to this forum into context.

Thank you.
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