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Just ran a quick test on exporting Stored and Linked Items in conjunction with

If an Item contains Stored content, then the Stored content is exported to a subfolder underneath the UR Export Folder - this Stored Content can be rtf from the Detail Pane or Doc Type Items.

If an Item contains Linked content, this Linked content is not exported but it is referenced in the resulting html (toc.html). Although this reference shows as an html link, it's a dead link - it would appear that some work needs to be done to modify this link to include the relative path to the linked material.

Exporting Linked content appears to be a problem, especially if your Linked content is spread over a variety of Folders. If your linked content is structured in subfolders under your UR data location, then a solution may be attained but would take some editing of the resulting html (toc.html).

I do hope that Kinook is looking at a more elegant means of outputting from the database.
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