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Originally posted by $bill
but you probably have sometimes observed the difference in rendering between Firefox and IE...
isn't this due to IE and M$oft not sticking to the standards? And only because IE is used by so many people that web developers have to write various hacks so that web pages looks nice in IE in the first place?

Originally posted by $bill

Editing is a big problem...not so hard to implement if your target user population likes to input the markup tags in a text editor....but are embedded WYSIWYG HTML editors as well developed and as available as embedded RTF?
Otherwise it's the big guns...Word processors or specialized HTML editors like MS Frontpage (still installed with Office?), Nvu (nolonger developed?), Mozilla Composer, etc.

So it seems to me - User expectations are high and the technologies to met them are flawed.
I dont know, I have to admit that I'm no expert here (that's why I posed this question in the first place), but know a handful of free wysiwyg html editors ... so what is exactly the problem? :-)
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