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Re: Re: Re: Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by nisced
Considering that around 80% of all PCs and laptops ever sold have MS Office installed then it is very logical that Kinook decieded to provide an rtf editor.
why reach 80% if you could reach 100%? And considering today's internet age, web documents seem more obvious choice than office documents.

Originally posted by nisced
Editing HTML is ok for geeks and power users but not for the average. Further, since UR is based on a database engine I suppose that providing an HTML editor will lead to a significant performance issue.
They had to provide rft editor, I dont think providing html editor would be 5% of that work, it's just a simple markup language. So I dont see how could html editor cause even slightest of performance issues ...

Anyway, it's fine as it is, but if they provide option to edit html inside UR, where I suppose would be easier to drag/drop directly from website (which doesnt work with rtf at the moment), then the user would be able to choose the format of items ...
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