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Re: Re: Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by quant
Kinook, could you please explain why did you choose RTF as a base format for item? Wouldn't for example HTML be a better solution? Thanks!
Sorry, I am not Kinook.

But here is my comment on this topic:

If you are a software development company (like Kinook) then you have to develop a product that reaches a huge user base. Developing software is a very complex, time consuming and an expensive task. And you have to deal with a lot of bad implementatations (I don't name examples here...).

Considering that around 80% of all PCs and laptops ever sold have MS Office installed then it is very logical that Kinook decieded to provide an rtf editor. Editing HTML is ok for geeks and power users but not for the average. Further, since UR is based on a database engine I suppose that providing an HTML editor will lead to a significant performance issue.

Please note that I am not a big supporter of Microsoft. But the reality today is that the MS Office suite has still the highest market share. And even I am risking to walk around wearing my head in the arms: The versions 2003 and 2007 are not that bad. I am using MS Office 2003 every day and don't have any issues with it.


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