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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by janrif
The latest is v1.9 that comes w Word 2007. I don't have 2007 so should I/can I d/l v1.9 & install it? Would it make a difference?
I have wasted too much time over the years trying to answer that question for myself...the spec for 1.9 is 300 pages long and after a quick check of the contents, I don't see a "we fixed this bug" list. Tables have been for me the most problematic and they seem better with newer versions. I suspect that 1.9 will fix some thing and introduce some new problems.

What do I do? If the formating is important or garbled- I clean it up in Word and possibly leave it there with a link in UR.

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