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Re: Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by $bill
Pick your poison--RTF is a Microsoft proprietary markup language. Version 1.9 of the specification contains the latest updates introduced by Microsoft Office Word 2007. (The spec is downloadable at 5.3 MB!)
Kinook, could you please explain why did you choose RTF as a base format for item? Wouldn't for example HTML be a better solution? Thanks!

HTML is not currently editable, although it's on the list to support for a future release.
But seeing here that HTML will be editable (although the message is 2 years old!!!), I'll probably have all my templates based on html (where it should be easier to copy/paste part of the site) so that my notes don't depend on Microsoft c..p .
Then also obviously would be very nice to have a html export of notes, rather than the current big/clumsy rft files export. In fact, the html export would be welcome irrespective of the above ...

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