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Re: Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by $bill
My quick and dirty method--To copy part of a web page with pictures- I cut/paste, paste special HTML or drag/drop onto an item which creates a new Item (type document). The layout/formating that I get in UR of course depends upon what I cut.


Pick your poison--RTF is a Microsoft proprietary markup language.


I have resigned to the fact getting the "right" formating across applications all the time is hopeless...

Any further insight would be appreciated....
Yes, you've got to be careful when grabbing a portion of a page to grab enough so that you can be sure to get closing tags (which is always a best-guess) - this may not be as critical in UR as with other programs.

Actually, I've found it just as easy to send the entire webpage to UR as a Stored Copy - this gives you the context of the material, the originating URL as a reference, as a Stored Copy the webpage is available for viewing regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection (something to consider if distrbuting the UR database), and the webpage is available for further processing for presentation purposes in your program(s) of choice.

In this sense UR becomes a glorified File Manager.

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