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Re: Copy part of the web page (rich text + pictures)

Originally posted by quant
When copying part of the web page from a browser (both IE and Firefox) and pasting directly to item details window, it doesn't preserve the style and pictures are missing.

At the moment I solve it in this way: I open empty word document, paste it there, and copying from there and pasting to UR preserves everything with all the pictures.

My questions:
1. do you know of a FREE document editor (or any other intermediary soft) that I could use for this?
2. or is there a completely another way to copy a part of the website with all the formatting+pictures?

My quick and dirty method--To copy part of a web page with pictures- I cut/paste, paste special HTML or drag/drop onto an item which creates a new Item (type document). The layout/formating that I get in UR of course depends upon what I cut.

I use the free Nvu editor - a wysiwug html editor or Word if I want to splice several such pastes together and reformat. Using Word allows me to create an RTF UR Item.

Pick your poison--RTF is a Microsoft proprietary markup language. Version 1.9 of the specification contains the latest updates introduced by Microsoft Office Word 2007. (The spec is downloadable at 5.3 MB!) Free editors like OpenOffice support RTF at least to some version of the spec as does the RTF editor module of UR. I have resigned to the fact getting the "right" formating across applications all the time is hopeless...

Any further insight would be appreciated....
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