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The idea of utilizing export sets and command-line export in UR, no matter how automated that may be, doesn't seem practical for the purpose of making a sometime huge database of info available for indexing in GDS, for the reason that this approach would require the user to have exactly the same data (I doubt that absolutely all data could be exported) in two places in the disk. I don't like the idea of having all my data in two places because this would be really difficult to maintain efficiently no matter how automated this may be. I don't see it a smart way, so (to my understanding), this would not be in-line with the reputation of Ultra Recall. I also don't see the "link it rather than storing" approach a good idea because many users (like myself) like the benefits of storing, and some others link their information partially.

In contrast to the above, why don't you develop a special small database that would work with (and be automatically created by) UR with desktop search softwares in mind in order to facilitate indexing? One that would work synchronized with Ultra Recall. I hope you got the idea, what do you think?

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