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Hmm, we've never encountered anything like what you describe. I did just download and install the Gentium font you mention, but can't reproduce the reported behaviour.

What OS, SP, versions of Office, and related do you have installed? What version of the Gentium font do you have installed (it appears it is still in a form of "beta").

If you search for riched20.dll on your system (dir riched20.dll /s at c:\ from a command prompt), what different versions of this dll do you have? If you have multiple versions installed in various places, you might try the others (copy them one at a time to the Ultra Recall installation folder) to see if one of them resolves both issues (the context menu issue as well as the Gentium font issue).

Another trouble-shooting option would be to copy a couple affected info items to a new .urd file, then post that file here or email it to for our review.
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