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Re: Scrolling problem affecs registered version

Originally posted by srdiamond
Sounds good, except for the above, which isn't true. (Actually, I'm not completely sure I know what "scrollbar drawing" means, but if the problem referred to is the inability to scroll using the scrollbar in Data Explorer, the problem affects the registered version of WB.)
Which version of Windows and WindowBlinds and skin are you using? What exactly do you mean by 'inability to scroll'? Dragging and scrolling the scrollbar thumb? Click the up/down buttons? Clicking the non-thumb portion of the scroll bar?

On Windows XP SP2 (running in Virtual PC 2004 SP1) w/ the WindowBlinds 5.0 trial and the DogmaX4 and Airframe skins, I was able to reproduce the following scrollbar behavior: the data explorer tree scroll bars were not drawn properly (underlying desktop/application shows through where scrollbars should be) and do not respond to any mouse clicks. When I installed the full, licensed version of WindowBlinds v5.00[b].010, both problems went away (the skinned scrollbar displayed properly and responded to mouse clicking and dragging).
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