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The bad news is that it's still unclear whether the blame for the problem lies in the tree component or WindowBlinds (or perhaps a combination and/or Windows APIs that defy their documentation).

But the good news is that with a little inside info from the WindowBlinds support team and some astute investigation from a UR user (who took the time to download and toy around with the problem tree component), we have found a way to work around the tree +/- button drawing issue. (It also turns out that the scrollbar drawing problem only affects the trial version of WindowBlinds; the WindowBlinds people are still investigating to see if that can be rectified.)

The workaround will result in the +/- button in the tree not honoring any WindowBlinds skin customizations (I'm not sure how common that is) and always using its own button images under WindowBlinds, but at least it will draw in the correct size. Look for another release with this fix on a web site near you in the next few days. And thanks for everyone's input.
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