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Originally posted by kinook
The UR T-Bird extension is not compatible with Thunderbird 3 (see other thread: I thought this thread was about displaying messages (that had presumably already been imported) in UR.

Please copy one the imported messages that won't display in UR to a new database and ZIP and send that to Thanks.
I'll zip one up and send it to you, but I want to make clear that the messages that cannot be viewed in UR were all copied into UR from Thunderbird 2 using the Thunderbird 2 extension.

There are no messages in UR that came from Thunderbird 3 because they cannot be copied into UR!

It is possible - but I doubt this - that these messages were brought into UR with the T-Bird 2 extension and might have been viewed later in Thunderbird 3. I will have to find a message that can be viewed internally in UR and then open it in Thunderbird 3 to see if that makes it unable to view anymore in UR. I'll post back after I try that.

Thank you.

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