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Originally posted by armsys
After repeating and reproducing the problem, I supposedly discover the cause. It occurs when change the defalt template from <Text> to <Book>. Then, UR asks some incomprehensible question, namely, whether I want to delete some attributes. If my answer is yes, it'll be my nightmare.
Not really. Each template has a default list of attributes. You can add / subtract to these manually via insert / delete. If you change from one template to another, UR is asking if you want to leave the original attributes in the list in addition to the ones that will come with the new template. If you say yes, it will be so. If you say no, the original attributes may be removed but not lost or deleted, just not visible in the attribute pane of the new template but, in any case, you can still pull them up in the related pane list via <F9>

Originally posted by armsys
[snip] I'm puzzled why changing the template could cause such catastrophic impact, while UR is supposed to be intuitive and flexible.
I hope the above aswers this question. You say "UR is supposed to be intuitive & flexible".

While I don't think it's necessarily intuitive, it is flexible in my experience. Although I have not used the products you mentioned, I have been familiar with Lotus Agenda, EccoPro, ADM, Ariadne, Zoot & others. I think sometimes people (not you, necessarily) make comparisons between apples & oranges instead of apples to apples. Since I'm not familiar with the products you mentioned I cannot tell if that is the case here.

However, I do think with some time & study you might find UR can be a useful tool -- although not necessarily fit for your purposes.

No, it doesn't have an internal macro editor but I don't think that's a loss since macros are easily constructed outside the program. I think someone else suggested you might look @ the road map & if you don't see what you want there, make a suggestion as the developers do read them.
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