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For this discussion, create a new UR database.

Look in the Templates Folder, here are your default UR Templates. All of them can be considered Core Templates and cannot be deleted, except Project which may exist as a sample.

User created Templates can also be deleted.

An Item (record) in UR can be one of three Item Types: Text (rtf), Document (data file), or Search. This relates to what will be displayed in the Item's Detail Pane, which is actually what is rendered by UR's Internal Broswer.

Custom Forms are assigned at the Template Level.

Essentially, a Form is "overlayed" onto the Detail Pane, the Form acts as "data header" to the internal broswer.

When creating a Template, set focus to the Templates Folder, right-click Insert Child, choose Text or Document. Focus is now on the new created Item, expose the Item Attributes Pane (Ctrl-4), look under the Template Group for the Form Attribute, click in the Value field for the drop-down list of available Forms.

All new Items (Insert) are based on (derived from) a Template.

An Item can have a Default Child Template.

Attributes values can be assigned at the Template level.

Templates can also be created from MS Office files.

Template names can be used as a Search parameter.

Please see the help file on these topics for further details.
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