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OK - So I stupidly created a keyword starting with an equal sign (=), as in =new results. I was hoping that this would truly limit my searches by enabling me to put the equal sign before the word new in an advanced search.

Doesn't work that way. Maybe = is a wild card?

Anyway, when I do the search for =new results, I get 39 items. I have Ctrl+K'd through each one to uncheck all instances of =new results, and not one of the matched items shows the keyword as checked off.

I can't easily find the one or few items that I set to that keyword phrase. So it just sits there at the top of the keyword list.

I hope I've spelled out my difficulty clearly. If not, let me know and I'll try some more...

It would be really helpful to me if one or both of the following suggestions was implemented.

1 - When I show the keyword list dialog let me delete any keyword or keyword phrase from within the dialog and let that decision stand for all items. Let inadvertent removal of a keyword from an item that should have it be my lookout.

2 - Let me see the keywords related to an item without having to open the dialog - preferably exposing them in the main interface. At least this way I could scroll through my infobase and more easily detect the misbegotten item that's causing my difficulty and delete the keyword there.

Of the two, #1 forms my very strong preference.


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