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Originally posted by kinook
This should unnecessary, but does unchecking 'Tools | Options | Import (More) | Create logically linked items for duplicate URLs' help? Otherwise, please send the info requested at Thanks.
Unchecking that option allows UR to import more than one message, but they all have the item title email1.eml (which isn't satisfactory), even with the Use page title for item title if available option checked.

With Create logically linked items for duplicate URLs checked, I notice that the file email1.eml does in fact contain the new email I try to import, but it doesn't get imported. If I go to the temp folder and manually import the file email1.eml, it imports the correct content, but the item title is still email1.eml. If I open that file in Thunderbird, it shows the correct subject. UR shows the URL of the message it imported using the plug-in as C:\DOCUME~1\Dave\LOCALS~1\Temp\ultrarecall\email1. eml, but that of the message I imported manually as C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Local Settings\Temp\UltraRecall\email1.eml. Don't know if that helps.

UR also imports, using the plug-in, if I uncheck Select location when importing from other apps, but again itf calls all the imported items email1.eml.

I'm using Thunderbird

I'll send you the information you've requested for debugging, but I'm not sure a sample urd will help, as it happens with them all.
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