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How to remove predefined template items

A new UR database template includes several pre-defined items in the Data Explorer and Search trees (Tasks, Contacts, Projects, common searches, etc.). All of these pre-defined items except for Imported Items, Templates, and Recycle Bin items can be deleted directly via Edit | Delete (Del or Shift+Del). The remaining items are typically needed for certain functions (for instance, items are deleted to the Recycle Bin by default, the Imported Items may be used when importing, etc.), but they can be hidden if desired:

1) In the Data Explorer tree, select the Imported Items, Templates, and Recycle Bin items and choose Tree | Link/Move on the menu

2) Navigate to My Searches -> Quick Search, choose an Action of Move, and click OK (the items will never be seen unless you expand the Quick Search node).

To remove some choices from the Insert Child or Insert Sibling menus, select those item(s) under Templates, and perform the steps above.

To restore the items to their original locations, expand Quick Search, select the item(s), and move them back to their original locations, or use Tools | Compact & Repair, uncheck Compact, check Repair and Reset, and click OK.
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