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Hallo Kevina thank you there is not the problem to import one or several files one by one.
What I want to do is to import the whole website, downloaded with meta explorer and exported to one folder.

I can import this folder with the respective function import folder, but if there is a link on one page to another page downloaded, UR will open the file from the export folder so I must keep the export folder too on my harddisk.
Therefore I though when I can import a website by http.//www............ i can import let me say a local web site with file:/........... and can than delete the export folder and jump from one linke to the other in UR adn surf the website within UR..

For small websites I do this sometimes with Plucker for my Palm were the http:// is substutied by file:// and then the offline web-seite(the one exported from meta explorer) is converted to Plucker.
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