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Thanks guys! That sure does help. I guess that when you (quant) called this the "attribute name line" I got stuck looking in the Item Attributes Pane.

Very much appreciated!


BTW, regarding the Help file: I have been a little confused by it since I started using UR, but couldn't quite nail down exactly why. While I do find the Help file quite baffling most of the time, it is certainly not bereft of information. To the contrary, it has quite a lot of info in it. But I think I know now why it gives me so much difficulty:

The Help file was written by a person or persons who knows this program inside and out - especially from a coding standpoint. But it was written with knowledgeable users in mind, not novices. IOW, the way it is written is designed to be read by people who already know UR very well. This, however, makes it somewhat indecipherable to brand new users.

It really needs a rewrite to be made usable by new users without extensive DB experience. Currently the target audience for which it was written already know most of what is in there. It is merely a handy quick reference for them.

Thanks again!
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