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Originally posted by quant
you need to "choose columns" that are displayed in the child item pane of the current item (note that this can be customized for any item, or globally for templates). This is done by right clicking on "attribute name line", see mouse on attached screenshot. Add any attribute you need, item text, priority ... for more info, see "Customization persistence" in the UR help.

always happy to help (if I know how)

If possible, can you re-post the screenshot that you refer to in the above quoted post?

I would like to try doing this but it is difficult to determine exactly what and where you are talking about.

E.g., where do I right-click on "attribute name line" and add any attribute I need? Are you talking about something within the "Item Attributes Pane"? If so, I have right-clicked on everything within that pane and have not seen anything that would allow me to "Customize Columns".

Also, I have read the "Customization Persistence" section of the UR Help file a number of times and I truly feel as if that was written in some other language than English! (And I could also get by if it were in Spanish, French, Latin, or even Greek to a large extent! But alas, it is none of them). I cannot get anything at all from that Help section about customizing columns. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what there is to be learned from that Help section. Surely there is some important information there -- I just cannot figure out what on earth it is, nor how it relates to UR!

I'm certain that a screenshot showing the mouse location would make this quite a bit clearer, but the screenshot that you mention in your post is nowhere to be found.


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