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Originally posted by StephenUK
For example, if I paste a note into InfoSelect, the first line of the note automatically forms the default title in the left hand pane, whereas I have to type in a title in UR which is a considerable overhead when pasting large numbers of notes. But apart from that, there is no compelling reason to use InfoSelect, and by degrees I will move data out into UR.
The same in UR!!! Just paste directly to Data explorer tree

Originally posted by StephenUK
ListPro for ToDo lists. I have titles of lists in the left pane, and the lists, one liners Excel style, with priority, dates, etc, on the right. ListPro does that job very well. But in fact, popping it up over UR is not much of an issue and perhaps ToDo lists are the one form of data I am happy to keep separate from UR.
The same can be done in UR!!!
Just for your TODO directory set child pane to have item title, item text, priority, everything a one liner just like you have in ListPro
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