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Originally posted by StephenUK
Let us say, therefore, that I create a directory structure which contains the photos. I then generate, using another program, some thumbnails for each directory presumably sitting in the relevant directory.
I think it's even better, if the HTML created page is "THE" directory where you'd store the original photos, instead of having another directory item just called Photos.

What do I do then? Can I import the thumbnails as a single file for each directory, into UR, and use the thumbnail to point to the relevant photo? Or would I just link to the thumbnail file?[/B]
Import (store) the created html file and store the original files in it. Unfortunately, that's all you can do ... the html links won't work cause you'd store the photos in UR, but you'd have name in case you need to see the photo full-size. And linking inside of UR is useless because you'd store the original files under the html file, so the relation is clear.

Is there a thumbnail program you would recommend for this?
Picassa would do (export to html option) ...
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