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Originally posted by StephenUK
[snip] I frequently take perhaps 100 or so photos at a time, of a given building, and these I download to my PC. There I may sort them in Windows Explorer so they have a structure. For example, external shots and internal shots. I don't rename the files, simply accepting the numeric sequences generated by the camera software. This is not a problem provided I have thumbnails to use to locate particular shots.[/snip]
I assume you are shooting in jpg format on a digital camera of some kind. If so, you should take a look at a product called DownLoad Pro from Breeze

In this product you can select, delete & name all your files before you download them onto your PC. You can put these shots in a folder & import the folder. I believe URp will store file names as keywords + you can create your own keyword for all selected files <CTRL>K.

Now in URp you should be able to search for these photos by name & URp should be able to find them for you. I would have to fool around to get this to work but I think it would.

However, that doesn't solve the problem of viewing within URp. But then you could click on links, associate the file type to the best free viewer around called irfanview to see your photos.

THe sollution is a bit kludgy but URp should be able to search by name.

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