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Thanks for asking.

My work involves gathering information about real estate projects. I collect lots of web pages, notes, pdfs etc which happily sit in UR under different project headings. Additionally, I frequently take perhaps 100 or so photos at a time, of a given building, and these I download to my PC. There I may sort them in Windows Explorer so they have a structure. For example, external shots and internal shots. I don't rename the files, simply accepting the numeric sequences generated by the camera software. This is not a problem provided I have thumbnails to use to locate particular shots.

Until now I have used Paperport to look at the photos, Word documents and pdfs. But I had my web pages saved in Web Research (because Paperport does not save web pages well), and my notes saved in Info Select which I have used for over twelve years. However, it was all rather fragmented.

UR seems to offer the possibility of having everything in one place, but I am struggling with the photos which are too numerous to give meaningful names to. The only sensible way to browse for them is by thumbnail. But it seems that that then precludes my importing them in to UR which is what I would like to do for the sake of homogeny.

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