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Best approach to dealing with photos

I would be grateful for advice. From time to time I download to my PC large numbers of photos. The file names have little meaning just being a sequence of numbers.

I would like to access the photographs from within UltraRecall, but need to be able to select a given photograph by looking at a thumbnail.

I find that I can use the "Open Containing Folder" command to look at photos in thumbnail format. I have also read the advice that if I store the photos in the same directory as the .urd file then I can move whole directory and relationships will be maintained.

I would be very grateful for advice as to whether I can pull the photos themselves into UR and still have the facility to see thumbnails, or whether I must merely link to them. Also, if I do have merely to link to them, will the program find them if I move them about within a directory structure that is itself in the same directory as the .urd file.

Put another way, what is the best approach to dealing with photos that lack meaningful names which are acquired in fairly large numbers so that naming each file is not practical?

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