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Unhappy Visual Build 6.2 ClearCase Action bug

In ClearCase Action set the following:

Command tab
Command: mkview
View path: 'an absolute path where the view will be created'
Pathnames / Object selectors: 'view name'

Make View tab
Check snapshot
Tag: 'view tag name'
Server Storage location: 'name of a view storage location'

When the step is run there should be a '-stgloc' option but instead there's a '-config' option.

cleartool.exe mkview -snapshot -tag bldrobot_20061109_135252_ace_monadnock_view -config bldrobot_viewstg bldrobot_20061109_135252_ace_monadnock_view
cleartool: Error: Unrecognized option "-config"

Workaround: Leave Server Storage location field blank and in Additional options field add: -stgloc 'name of a view storage location'
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