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Problem with LASTSTEP_OUTPUT and xml output

I'm using Vault 6.1 with the history command in my build script. Vault outputs the results in xml format which is perfect for my needs.

I'm writing a vbscript in Visual Build as the Stepdone event of the vault step, but it doesn't parse the xml correctly. I think I tracked the problem down to visual Build changing the xml text in the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT macro.

I use this line to get the text:
xmlText = vbld_AllMacros().Item("LASTSTEP_OUTPUT")

Instead of lines like this:
<item txid="225650" date="5/12/2006 8:57:35 AM" name="_Mainline/file.cpp" type="60" version="411" user="build" omment="Can't use single quote" actionString="Checked In" />

I get a line like this from the macro:
<item txid='225650' date='5/12/2006 8:57:35 AM' name='_Mainline/file.cpp' type='60' version='411' user='build' comment=Can't use single quote' actionString='Checked In' />

If you look closely, you will see that the double-quotes of the original output have been converted to single quotes. That by itself is still valid xml and can be loaded. My problem is that the output also contains single quotes which is not valid. the word "Can't" becomes invalid.

Is there some option that will let me get the real output of the command that hasn't been converted by Visual Build macro?

Mike Ballou

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