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That's the command line that fails (together with all other output):

20.02.2006 10:06:42: --------------------Starting Build: 'MyTest.bld'--------------------
20.02.2006 10:06:42: Building project step 'Get Latest from VSS'...
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\VSS\win32\ss.exe" Get $/MnProject/*.* -GL"D:\MyVSS Root WorkFolder" -GWS -GTM -GCK -R -NL -I-N -VLMyLabel -Yyumashin,****** -W-
Version not found

Process completed with exit code 100
20.02.2006 10:06:42: Step 'Get Latest from VSS' failed
20.02.2006 10:06:42: Build ended.

And I also attach the screenshot of the step's properties.

BTW, I also labelled a project (not file) inside $/MnProject. It also gives the same output, although in one of your previous messages you wrote that labeling should work with projects OK.
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