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Originally posted by kinook
Regarding versioning of multiple releases, look into share/pin/branch/merge functionality [1]. Although SourceSafe's implementation is not the most robust, so you may want to evaluate alternative products if you have to manage many different parallel releases.
Thanx, but actually I do not need sharing files across projects. The only thing I need is that the -V switch should work as described in [2]. It's said there that "the -V option displays all files and projects identified by the version number specified on the command line". So it should work with files as well, not only with projects... or I'm wrong?

Originally posted by kinook
Regarding getting by date, VSS only looks at file dates, not projects/folders. You may want to specify a date range [2].

[2] [/B]
Thank You for the links. I still can't understand why it doesn't want to work when -V switch is used with L to specify a label!
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