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Question Problem with "Get Latest..." when using label

In VSS tree I have a node $/MnProject, and there are several VB files (forms, modules etc) in this project. I add step of "SourceSafe" type to my build. I click menu "Properties..." and choose the "Database" tab. There I set:

Operation: Get
Database: <path to ini>
Username: <myname>
Password: <mypwd>
Projects and/or files...: $/MnProject/*.*
Recurse checkbox: checked
Version to operate on...: <blank>
Path for local files: <working folder of $/MnProject>

If I press "Test" button, everything works fine and I see how files are copied from VSS to my local drive; the last log record says "Build successfully completed". Wonderful.

But if change the following parameter:

Version to operate on...: LMyLabel

then I get the following output:

    Version not found

    Process completed with exit code 100
    17.02.2006 17:16:17: Step 'Get Latest from VSS' failed
    17.02.2006 17:16:18: Build ended.
Strange, because I certainly have a label "MyLabel" on two files located under $/MnProject! For example, if I start MS VSS Explorer, right-click on the $/MnProject node in the project tree, select "Show history..." and check all four upper checkboxes - then I do see those two labeled files in the history list!

What's the reason?
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