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Another way to open multiple instances of Ultra Recall, without having to create a secondary user account, is to create hard links to your .urd file.

For instance:
  • C:\Files\File.urd <-- Your file

Now, create two hard links in the Command Prompt.

C:\> cd Links
C:\Links> mklink /H "File 1.urd" "C:\Files\File.urd"
C:\Links> mklink /H "File 2.urd" "C:\Files\File.urd"
Your C:\Links folder will now contain the two hard links:
  • C:\Links\File 1.urd <-- Hard link to C:\File.urd
  • C:\Links\File 2.urd <-- Hard link to C:\File.urd

Create as many hard links as you'd like concurrent open instances.

Now, create regular Windows shortcuts to your hard links. Ultra Recall is "tricked" into thinking it is opening different files, but since it can handle concurrent access, it doesn't have a problem with the fact that they are, in fact, multiple connections to the same file.

It works pretty well. Be advised that Ultra Recall links (links inside of an Ultra Recall database to other items in that database) should be created within a single instance, or it will think it's linking to another file, rather than a location within itself. Also, database locks etc. are a bit more frequent, but not nearly enough to offset the advantages.

Be careful working with hard links. As far as I can gather, they actually work a lot like links in Ultra Recall--all links are peers, and you can delete all but one without deleting the object itself, but when you delete the last one, you actually delete the object.

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