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Regex and Read File step

I'm trying to use regex in a Read File Step. I'm looking for a substring match. However I cannot get VBP to return a positive results regardless of how vague the regex.

Is there a problem using regex in 8.4 ( or more likely... what am I doing wrong?)

Using VBP 8.4

Here are the steps to see my issue:

<step action='Log Message'>
<Level type='3'>4</Level>
<Message><![CDATA[The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
There were 614 instances of students getting 90.0%% or above.
The FCC had to censor the network for saying &#$*@!]]></Message>
<buildfailsteps type='11'>0</buildfailsteps>
<indent type='3'>1</indent>
<name>Log Message</name>
<step action='Read File'>
<AllMatches type='11'>-1</AllMatches>
<FailNoMatch type='11'>-1</FailNoMatch>
<Input type='3'>1</Input>
<Log type='11'>-1</Log>
<NoModS type='11'>-1</NoModS>
<buildfailsteps type='11'>0</buildfailsteps>
<indent type='3'>1</indent>
<name>Read Output of Last Step and regex something</name>
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