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EDIT of the above (cannot edit but within 720 minutes, so here):

1 ) Of course, of my database(s), the root item is a favorite also, and this "hoist when going to a favorite" being ON, I can see the tree in its entirety, or any specified subtree (= by declaring it a "favorite" that is), as quickly as I can do a mouse click. It has not to be said anymore that quick access to any of your actual things, and / or to your "standards", from any point of your work, is of prime importance.

2 ) My menu / toolbar explanations were a little bit opaque, perhaps, thus: Normally, the favorites menu is in menu form, and in this form, you can either have a one-dimensional horizontal symbols line, or a vertical one, but, in both cases, there's only one symbol row / column, you don't have the option to place several, 2 or more, symbols as non-linear groups (= you can use divider lines, but your symbols are one after another only, and even when screen space is not sufficient, you can open an additional menu by mouse click, but there will not be a second row / column).

But then, you have the possibility to have your favorites menu in toolbar form, but that toolbar is unbound only, i.e. it cannot be put into the screen mask, but you must put it onto some else element, where, of course, it will bother you, normally. Thus, I took that by-way with placing a (bound) search "menu" as a placeholder, as a ribbon on the left border of my screen, upon which I then placed the favorites "toolbar", also in ribbon shape.

Of course, if we had more than just 50 favorites (= and favorites' symbols, then), in such a ribbon, that ribbon must take some more place, but with up to 4 or 5 symbols in a row, on modern landscape screens, that's not a problem, and I would happily sacrifice that screen real estate for that purpose.

But then, since my placing of the favorites' symbols onto another menu serving as just a placeholder to imitate a bound behavior of that toolbar, is just a by-way in order to overcome a functional limitation, UR should make it possible to place the favorites menu, also in its toolbar variety, in BOUND way, so that there won't be any other placeholder menu beneath it any more... for 50, for 128, or for any other symbols number's limit in that toolbar.
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