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After reading the first post in this Topic, I changed the look of UR I had for 4 years now - and really was surprised about UR again! Good Idea schferk!

Now I am somewhat obsessed to refine this 3-pane look, and after partly-not-so-constructive chat above, I'd like to add my view to UR's 3-pane-useability:

Why 3 panes: mostly because the data explorer gets too difficult to navigate when a folder contains dozens of items (in the lowest hierarchy in the data tree, i.e. the leafes of the tree). IMHO we should have an option to exclude this leafes of the tree in the data explorer, and only show them in the child items pane. With that, and the great hoisting features, the useability of the data explorer is back!

So the "only" but essential 3 development steps would be, in my opinion:
1) Most important: Option to exclude the lowest hierarchy in the data explorer tree, as stated above (dynamically refreshing!...). I know this is not a new idea, and I do not have any idea what the development problems would be, but as we have hoisting for the roots, this is the logical clean up for the leafes!
2) Correcting the Backspace / "Up One Level" behaviour in the Child items window: When an item is selected, the Up-Button should logically deselect the item = go back to its parent. What it does right now: it jumps back to the parent of the items shown in the child items window (that is: jump up two levels).
3) Graphically appealing: kinook showed nicely how to show the has-children attribute in the child item window. A nice little graphical indicator instead, placed left of the item icon, would just make it feel right!

I explicitly do NOT ask for expandability of the tree in the child items window, as I do not see this pane made for it, in my logical understandig. But: the idea of schferk and others for enhancing UR's 3-pane-useability is a great thing (I really think I won't go back to use it in another way most of the time!)

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