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My UR display is, from left to right, a) tree, b) children and then, beneath, parents, and c) text (and attributes pane unbound when needed); parents because I rely heavily on clones. And so I discovered that you display that so-much-needed "plus-sign" (for "being parent to at least one child") in the parents pane, where in fact this is redundant information, since if an item is featured in the parents pane, that fact alone proves it has at least one child... whereas in the children pane, that plus sign would be of tremendous help

(in fact, the edit command in the children pane even tries to "edit" the "has children: no/yes" attribute (if you have it as first column) where in reality there's nothing to edit, and editing the title isn't possible, so the earlier we can get rid of that column there, the better).

Since the plus sign is possible in the parents pane where it's of no use, it should be realizable in the children pane where it would make UR a real 3-pane outliner!

Please consider!
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