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The easiest way to send document(s) from Ultra Recall as attachments is to use File | Send (alternately you could use SendTo from the Explorer context menu [Ctrl+E or Ctrl+Right click], and the this context menu can also be used for any other functionality that is provided by the shell for a particular document type).

Another way to export documents is using the Export Wizard, accessible using File | Export.

Currently the only formats that are available for dragging are 1) text (which is the title) and 2) a proprietary format used for dragging Info Items within and between Ultra Recall Info Databases. The default drop effect is governed by the target application; if it signals a move action, then Ultra Recall will delete the source Info Item when completing the drop action (this is an undoable operation within Ultra Recall). To enforce a copy on drag, hold down the Ctrl key when dragging.

We do also intend to support native drag & drop of documents out of Ultra Recall in a future release.
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