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But this is tremendous! Couldn't be better!

Unfortunately, as every time I try to understand something from the explanations of the help file, I cannot imagine how to make it work. In fact, I've always been unable to make use of attributes, user or system ones, since I do not understand how to access them.

Unfortunately, the caption of the related items pane shows, when an item's direct children are displayed there, doesn't display, by right-click, but "Close", "Floating" and "Auto-Hide", not any way to apply any other command to it; in the line just below, a right-click brings possible columns to choose from (= in the direct list and by "More", but no "Has Children" or something similar to opt for ("Has Reminder" yes, but no "Has Children"), I looked there for some minutes.

The same for the menu "View", and then "Columns": seems to be identical, and no "Has Children" attribute there either.

In the "Virtual Attributes" page of the help file, there is

"These Virtual Attributes include: Has Children: this yes/no value indicates whether the associated Info Item has Child Info Items or not." but the "Has Children" IS NOT A LINK, so I don't understand how to display it. Of course, I could show the attributes pane and see it there, perhaps, but then, the attributes pane is identical with the "Related Items Pane", so I cannot see the attribute in the former if I want to have my list in the latter.

In the above citation, "Info Item" IS a link, but nothing in the target explains my problem. And "Child Info Item" is another link, without any explanation, and it refers to the Data Explorer Pane where there is no explanation again, and this way to the end of my day.

Unfortunately, I turn round and round for the most basic things, and please let me say, I NEVER encountered this problem that a complete help file was totally useless for me, with ANY other software in 25 years now of pc use. This is a very unhappy state of affairs since how could 50 p.c. of would-be users benefit of it, suggesting optimistically that the other half at least of them would understand something there? Anyway, a solution-driven approach in the help file would perhaps be useful for many users, in the manner of "You can do this, here's how: step, step, step..." for most regular uses of UR; for the time being, the help file is constructed in the utmost technical way, without my getting what do to by which steps.

But be it with the help file as it is, could you please tell me how to

display the "Has Children" attribute in the related items pane? Since indeed, it would be the solution to my 3-pane-outliner use of UR, I'd be really glad with that!

Oh, and I forgot, since UR HAS the feature I asked for (even if I don't know yet how to make it work), General Discussion would be better than Suggestions, except if you think that "Suggestions" would also apply to suggestions of extended use of existing features...
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