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Thanks for the quick assistance and update. I should explain why I'm using this FAQ.

I keep seperate UR databases for home and work. The remote database is only there for reference/backup purposes. I keep the home and work UR folders synced with online storage and with each other (currently using Windows Live Mesh). (BTW, this is why I wish UR had an internal per-database read-only option instead of having to change the file itself to R/O--which would be problematic in this 2-way sync scenario.)

Anyway, with SingleUserMode already enabled, I installed, rebooted, started UR, and tried everything from leaving "Delay before updating item access date" at the default 4000 milliseconds to setting this and auto-save changes to 0 (and restarting). Live Mesh continues to re-sync every 10 seconds as long as an UR database is open.

Before I made all these changes I observed re-sync approx. every 30 seconds, so it's actually getting worse! The modified datetime is not changing, so I don't know what is making Live Mesh, Sugar Sync, etc. go crazy when it comes to UR.
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