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Macro is not big enough to hold all output

I have two issues where the macro cannot hold all the data needed.

I am trying to capture the %LASTSTEP_OUTPUT% and write it to a file or use it in an e-mail action. I have one case where the output of a build is so large that if the build step fails we do not get the entire output of the build sent in the e-mail.

The other situation is I have 3rdParty tool that I run that does not allow for redirect to a file to store the output data. So I was using %LASTSTEP_OUTPUT% to take the output and write that to a file. However, the output has become large enough that the macro is not storing all the output anymore.

When I write this output to a text file the file is around 1MB.

Is there anyway to increase the size of a Macro or another way to capture the output when it is this large?
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