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Re: Update

Originally posted by Too_Tall_Crown_Victoria
I have been implementing the procedures outlined in the previous post. However, it is not helping. This morning I ran into the lock up a number of times. However it never locks up on the same step/action. However, I did start to notice that all the lockups have been on a "Run Program" step that migrated from VB6. Even after setting the affinity to 1 it did not help. Most of my "Run Programs" were doing xcopy commands via DOS.

Once I converted the first group of xcopy command to use the File Copy step it did not fail.

A few questions on this:
1. Is there an issue in the migration of "Run Program" from previous programs"
2. Why would an xcopy lock up VBP?
3. Should I discontinue the use the older "Rum Program"'s and reset them to the new actions?

1. Not that we're aware of
2. We don't know -- we haven't been able to reproduce the hang
3. Do you mean that a Run Program step calling vb6.exe directly hangs, but replacing it with a Make VB6 step doesn't? I can't explain that either, since both actions call the same underlying code to run a program. But if that works, it might be one workaround.

Can you narrow it down to a project calling xcopy that reproduces the behavior often and that we can build here?

Please ZIP and send to
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info
2) A screen shot of System properties (Windows+Break)
3) The .bld file
4) A build log file when the hang occurs
5) How is the build being launched: interactively, via a scheduled task, etc.?
6) Running on physical hardware or in a virtual machine?

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