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VBP is locking up

We just recently upgraded to 7.2 after running 6.5 for quite a few years. We have installed 7.2 on the same system as our 6.5. We converted 1 build script from 6.5 to 7.2 and started to run some builds.

We have been seeing problems running the script in 7.2. When running in GUI mode the script will lock up. What I mean by this is that the system tray icon says it is "building" but I cannot open the GUI. I see it in the taskbar but cannot do anything with it. When I right click the item in the task bar all options are "greyed out" except the "Close". I cannot Alt-Tab to the GUI either.

When I check the log it shows that it is performing an xcopy but does not return. As of now it has been stuck on this xcopy for 5 hours now. This has happened about 6 times now all on xcopy, however it is a different xcopy each time. If I kill the script and restart it, it almost always makes it past that failure point but is likely to fail again.

Where there any change made to the way xcopy works in 7.2? I have never seen this behavior in any version of VBP in the past 6 years. The xcopy we are using is a DOS command xcopy, not a build in step.

Is it possible that there is a message box or dialog being shown at a system level that I cannot see to dismiss? But would that explain why I cannot view the GUI anymore?

I am running on a 2K3 R2 SP2 server.
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