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Your particular situation is a bit difficult to deal with (and I apologize for not reading your previous posts more clearly).

Because the macro you are using (PROCFILES_FULLPATH) uses other macros, and contains the [ and ] symbols, you need to first expand the macro using Application.ExpandMacros() [in script so it doesn't interpret the [ ] symbols as framing additional script]. The xml below defines a modified version of the Replace in File step you provided, with a vbld_StepStarting script step that does this conversion (by placing the value into a temp macro for use by the step).

Note: simply copy the xml fragment below and paste into Visual Build Pro to review/use the step changes.

<step action='Replace in File' type='0'>
<Replace>CREATE VIEW</Replace>
<description>Changes ALTER VIEW statements to CREATE VIEW statements</description>
<indent type='3'>2</indent>
<name>Make ALTER into CREATE</name>
Function vbld_StepStarting()
Application.Macros(vbldMacroTemporary).Add "_PROCFILES_FULLPATH", EscapeString(Application.ExpandMacros("%PROCFILES_ FULLPATH%"))
End Function
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