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Re: Same suggestion here

Originally posted by muddude
I'm trying to use UR as a snippet manager, but copying and pasting code in can result in terrible formatting. I'd add that the outdent function is also a problem - it doesn't seem to work on the pasted code (for reasons I don't understand - isn't text pasted in with tab indents for formatting?).
in/out-denting doesn't work because UR uses it:

Go to the next control in the current Pane or the next pane if at the last control

Go to the previous control in the current Pane or the previous pane if at the first control

When I work with code, in/out-denting works no problem (tab/shift+tab) when I just open the UR item externaly (CTRL+J) ...

Many shortcuts can be customizes by user, but I'm not sure about tab/shift+tab, that's a question for Kinook
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