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Multiple instances of same database open

Well, after posting the question, I searched the forum and found an entry from quite some time ago saying that it's not possible to open the same database more than once. Got the cart before the horse it seems. Sorry!

But, I'm wondering if anyone else thinks this would be a real productivity enhancement?

Seems that all during the day, I'm trying to work on scheduled project tasks but constantly detoured by phone calls, instant messages, walk in's, e-mails, etc. So, I navigate away from what I'm working on and then, when I want to go back to what I'm supposed to be working on, it seems to take a bit to get UR back to the same state.

Also, I would just love the ability to have one instance open to the current project/task with a certain layout and then be able to have another instance open to do searches, research, etc independent of the first instance. I'm drooling over this one!!!!
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