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Originally posted by J-Mac
Oh, I see. I'm curious - why attach zip files, rather than simply post the screenshot inline? More than half the time users don't download these kinds of attachments. Since many times they turn out to be something you only need to look at once, it is usually more efficient to have them in the post itself.
The board only allows for one attachment (file or in-line image) per post.

In the case of a multi-image posting it is possible that the flow of the article could become broken by other users posting before the entire article is upload.

Also, in this particular case, the images were of the full screen (800x600), which when viewed on the same size monitor runs the image off screen and also forces the message width to conform to the width of the in-line image.

For my own taste I prefer the default message width, it makes for easier reading - the same reason newspapers and magazines are laid out as multiple columns per page, the same thing we're seeing in webpages through the use of CSS, narrower width is easy to read.

As for the low ratio between thread views and attachment downloads I'm not quite sure what to attribute this to - maybe the reader got the point w/o the visual, or the posting did not apply after opening it.
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